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The importance of a mirror
The importance of a mirror

Mirrors are something that are vital for a childs development on all stages of their childhood.

Childhood is all about learning about yourself and getting to know the world that surrounds you, and what better way to allow children to do that than with mirrors? 

Throughout the years there has been extensive research going into childhood development and how mirrors play a very important role in this. In Henbea we acknowledge the need for this in all age groups. It allows the children to recognise them self’s for the first time allowing them to be aware of their surroundings and develop spacial awareness which is a key tool for later in life.

In Jennifer whites article ‘How Babies Learn More With Mirror Games’ baby’s can start recognising faces when they are 9 months old, so allowing them to investigate mirrors on their own from a young age will really benefit them later on with their emotional intelligence, language learning, music learning and many other things.

That is why in Henbea we provide a large variety of mirrors in all shapes, sizes and colours, appropriate for all age groups.

Henbea .
Apr 08, 2019

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