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Prevention COVID-19 signs for schools
Prevention COVID-19 signs for schools

At HenBea we want to help children feel safe in the classrooms and to help raise awareness of the importance of hygiene we have designed these child-friendly wall signs.

Keep Kids Safe Against Coronavirus!

As on-site classes are better, here at Henbea we are making plastic child friendly signs to visually remind young pupils of the school rules to follow to keep safe.

1. Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizing gel.


2. Keep a safe distance.


3. Use a mask.

4.Cover your cough ore sneeze with your elbow or tissue.

Wash your Hands Mirror: Henbea\'s mirror is very practical for a proper hand hygiene for children, as it includes a one minute sand-timer to turn and not stop washing their hands until they see the thumbs up symbol.

Remember to clean and sanitize your game after using it!


All Henbea educational games are washable!

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Apr 05, 2021