Fonodil 2: Spanish Phonemes Game 2

Fonodil 2: Spanish Phonemes Game 2


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Fonodil 2 promotes and reinforces the formal learning of reading and writing.

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Didactic content
It is an educational tool very useful for speech therapists, Infant and Primary school teachers, Special Educational Needs and as a game of social skills within the family setting.
During the re-education of the disruptions of the articulation, (dyslalias), the child will have to be able to recognize the symphony we will teach him, (hearing discrimination), differentiating it from others similar, near or those he wrongly use, positioning it correctly in the word phonic chain.
For this, he will have to realize some articulator exercises that make easier fine and precise movements, necessary for a correct articulation of the elected symphony.
Helps to solve problems in articulation (speech defects).
In the Pre-School Education, Fonodil 2 is a fun activity which promotes the articulation of words and stimulates semantic structuring and competence.
In the first year of Primary Education, Fonodil 2 promotes and reinforces the formal learning of reading and writing.
For Special Educational Needs, Fonodil 2 is a tool that stimulates and makes easier the development of the language.
In the family setting, Fonodil helps interactive communication with parents through the game itself.
11 cards of 38 x 30 cm. / 14,960 X 11,811 inch made of card. With 4 die boxes, 4 dice and 4 counters in a plastic bag.
Large, printed board box.
43,5 x 31 cm. and 5,5 cm. thick / 16,929 x 12,204 inch and 2,165 inch thick.
3 to 5 years (second year of Infant Education) 6 to 7 years (first year of Primary Education) Attention to diversity.
Family setting.


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